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Today’s Home Remodeler


Today’s Home Remodeler is a locally produced half-hour television series airing weekly on CBS stations in Madison and Minneapolis that educates consumers about the professional remodeling and home building process.

From planning a project to completing it, we try to outline what should be in an estimate, what should be expected during the process, and what’s been the result when other people have done this type of remodeling or home improvement to their home.

The show is educational and our goal is to help our viewers obtain the best value for their money spent when maintaining, remodeling, building or improving their home.

With the help of our sponsors, we are able to reach this goal by airing episodes of Today’s Home Remodeler on local broadcast television and also on the web at Crewcut Youtube Channel and CrewcutTV.com

Be sure check out our web and YouTube channels or tune into CBS to catch the latest episode of Today’s Home Remodeler!

One comment on “Today’s Home Remodeler

  1. RE: The show on air conditioning I saw aired on WSAW ch 7 Wausau WI 5/30/15.
    I found it interesting that the Air conditioner outside shutoff was right next to the Furnace exhaust pipe. 3 years ago when selling my house I had to move that electrical box a mere 1.5 – 2 inches or so due to the fact it was too close to that furnace exhaust pipe. As I recall I think it was a minimum 3 feet (I can’t remember for sure) .
    I assume there are different codes for different states. where is this show produced and what code is affected – states or federal. I would be interested if that home was in violation or not. My home inspector made a big deal of this, which made me upset that my original installer was not aware of this. Seems like a must know code!


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